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Transforming your life is like building a house. You begin with the foundation. You and I will work together to build the structure of your new life from the ground up. Any quality construction requires time, attention, and commitment to healing on many levels. The extraordinary benefits you experience will reward you for all your efforts. Whether you are facing an emotional or medical crisis I can help. If you need to improve your relationship with yourself or others, to rid yourself of unwanted patterns of thinking or behaving, or to build a new you, take heart, I can help.

Should you have a medical problem, I will work closely with your physician to provide the best complementary support for your healing.

The BRAIN BREAKTHROUGH COACHING and COUNSELING PROGRAM offers integrative therapies for people who are seeking to recover, develop or expand mental and emotional skills necessary for attention, concentration, learning, creative thinking and emotional well being.

After 10 years of practicing traditional talk therapy, burnout set in. Like most therapists, I was highly motivated to assist my clients in achieving change in their lives. Out of sheer frustration, I sought more effective means. Once I opened the door to the “possibilities,” I discovered a world of tools and technology with proven success. My mission and passion to share what I’ve discovered have motivated me to establish THE BRAIN BREAKTHROUGH COACHING and COUNSELING PROGRAM.